Design Flanders promotes contemporary, high-quality and innovative design from Flanders. The organisation is part of Enterprise Flanders. Firstly, Design Flanders aims to help designers in Flanders to grow as entrepreneurs. It also aims to encourage companies and governments to incorporate design in their operations. This is how Design Flanders contributes to the success of the Government of Flanders’s Flanders in Action plan and New Industrial Policy. Design Flanders strives to achieve recognition for Flanders as a design region.

Easy Rider, Danny Venlet for Bulo. Photo: Michael De Lausnay
Easy Rider, Danny Venlet for Bulo. Photo: Michael De Lausnay

Design Flanders is responsible for promoting contemporary and high-quality Flemish design to companies, governments and the general public. It does so with the conviction that Flanders boasts an abundance of design talent. Whether it relates to industrial design, ceramics, graphic design or jewellery design: we have global players in all these disciplines. This formidable talent deserves to be promoted, so that Flemish design secures the necessary impact and appeal both in Belgium and abroad.

The organisation focuses on contemporary design. Our region has a strong design tradition, but Design Flanders wants to focus on today’s designs, which are being created right now and which are relevant to our industry, economy and society today. This is why we try and showcase tomorrow’s classics today.

Design Flanders does not compromise on quality. We all harbour a certain amount of creativity, but few of us succeed in incorporating design every single day with consummate dedication. We support designers that are constantly innovative, surprising and original, who are driven and who passionately devote themselves to their discipline each and every day. They improve products and services and continuously search for solutions to diverse problems. In doing so they provide our economy with a necessary boost and ensure that our society is all the more agreeable. These designers are also able to surprise us, to make us reflect and dream. They help shape our society.

Design Flanders collects and presents this quality design for you. We do so via this website, but our other activities also aim to offer a platform for Flanders’s design talent. We want to convince you of the added value that Flemish design offers, whether you are a private individual looking for a unique piece of jewellery or furniture, a company seeking innovative product development or an organisation that wants to rethink its processes from a more design-oriented perspective.

Design Flanders also acts as a point of contact. You can approach us if you are on the lookout for a designer to support you in developing new products, improving your services, designing your corporate identity or decorating your premises. Naturally, designers may also address their questions to us. Sometimes we call on the expertise of our colleagues at Enterprise Flanders. This enables designers to approach us with questions related to intellectual property or they can make use of the advantages offered by the SME Portfolio (Kmo-portefeuille). This also enables the design sector to become more professional and entrepreneurial.